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A Caboodle Of Kits From First Tactical

After launching weeks ago First Tactical’s Jump Bag system has been amongst the fastest growing products in our line. The EMS Kit collection also launched along with the Jump Bags and First Tactical Lead Designer Cory Nykoluk dropped by to provide some insight on each kit.


Each Kit was meticulously designed and planned to ensure maximum efficiency in any situation.  All the kits are given their own unique coloring allowing them to be easily identified or described.


Here is a breakdown of each one:


The Trauma Kit has been refined allowing all supplies to be kept in one location rather than strewn throughout bag. The kit is easily handed off to other medics when responding to calls with multiple injuries.


Designer’s Note: The idea with these was to not have something that is floating around in space like some Trauma Kits tend to do. This kit is easy to locate, easy to grab and pass, and overall just really easy to use.


The Medication Kit features an innovative Pick n' Pluck foam that is partnered with a clear window allowing users the ability to safely lock their medication in the kit in a way that is customized to their needs.


Designer’s Note: This was the most difficult of the Kits to perfect. Taking the ideas from end users, I wanted to find something that was organized and reliable. The clear window ended up being a necessary inclusion and paired with the Pick n’ Pluck foam it truly is an innovative product in the market.


The I.V. Kit features stadium pockets and advanced internal organization providing users and unmatched kit that will work as hard as they do. The stadium pockets allow users to store all needles separately in an organized fashion while the kit itself easily stores two I.V. bags and two start kits.


Designer’s Note: Simplicity was key here. EMTs just needed a place to easily start an I.V. that holds all the tools without overthinking. We really wanted to focus on the internal organization allowing the Kit to be easily moved through without having too much confusion.  


The Airway Kit features individual mesh pouches that provide ample space for your 5 Miller and 5 Mac Blades. The book style pouch allows this kit to have a place in your bag rather than being thrown in a corner and the innovative designs provides a new way of holding the 2 forceps.


Designer’s Note: We ditched the traditional roll-style pouch in favor of the more compact book-style. This helps the kit work for you and provides a solid foundation for our EMS system. The kit has a place and it’s advanced functionality makes it the ideal tool of the trade.


The Oxygen Kit boasts two framed C-Clamps with both Velcro and buckled closures allowing users the choice between placing it inside or outside their First Tactical Jump Bag. The Kit comes with a padded bottle cover for protection and can hold a 6" oxygen cylinder.


Designer’s Note: We flipped on this Kit a few times. We had it incorporated inside the bag, then out multiple times. We ended up giving the end user an option. It can go inside if needed and outside if preferred, giving it a multidimensional option.


First Tactical’s Velco Pouch collection also launched and are compatible with the Jump Bags.

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