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Months ago now, we received a few items in the mail from First Tactical. I had noticed them coming on the scene while searching tactical gear and accessories a few months ago. Then, while at a law-enforcement training, I noticed another agency wearing their shirts, pants and shoes; so of course I had to see what the buzz is all about. 

Over the next month or so, you'll see a few reviews from us regarding First Tactical. Today, though, I want to talk about their boots. I've been wearing them now for about a month and I will be up front with you, I have zero complaints. They are very much a boot but have the comfort of a tennis shoe. The one part that I love most about the shoes is the wide toe-box seeing as many tactical boots are created narrow and very uncomfortable. Because of this, after a 10 to 15 hour shift your feet are toast, but not is such the case with First Tactical boots. 

As for appearance, they're very sleek and modern looking and have a couple of cool features. One is the back pull-tab: traditionally, your pants will get caught on the tab that you use to pull the boot on. With these boots, there is a bungee like material which allows it to sit firm against the boot, this prevents your pants from riding up above that hook. 


I work in the central valley of California where it is very hot, but these boots breathe very well, allowing your feet to remain comfortable throughout the shift! I also tend to be rough on my equipment, especially the equipment which I am reviewing.
Though I've only been wearing them for a month, they are holding up very well; the zipper is strong, firm and durable.


I have not yet attempted to polish the boots, but the leather appears to be of high quality and be a slick, smooth surface for those of you that do consistently polish your boots. On top of this, I've had to spray mud off of them multiple times and they hold up very well. Another feature that I absolutely love about these shoes is how white they are they are, not a typical patrol boot. 


Let me wrap up by saying this: you will not be disappointed in these boots whatsoever, they receive very high marks from us here at WODville and are definitely a boot that I would purchase in the future. As for my impressions with First Tactical, they definitely score an A+. Heidi will be reviewing a pair of boots and pants soon and I will be writing a review on their backpack. So far, all the products are scoring very high with us.

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