Krait Knife Spear

Style: 140012

Regular Price: $59.99

Sale Price: $24.99


Krait Knife Spear

Style: 140012

Price: $59.99

Sale Price: $24.99

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Advanced Utility

  • Product Details

  • The Krait Knife Spear is a co-op between First Tactical and noted knife designer Mike Vellekamp to create the perfect advanced utility knife. The Krait is built with a thinner frame and blade for a better fit in the pocket and a quick deploy. Liner Lock, our innovative Thumb Bridge Technology™, and complex, concave blade recurve come together to create the ideal folder.

  • Specifications

    • Blade: D2 steel
    • Blade Type: Modified spear
    • Handle: G-10
    • Blade length: 3.51in / 89.15mm
    • Blade thickness: .75in / 19.05mm
    • Liner thickness: 0.4in / 10.16mm
    • Open length: 8.25in / 209.55mm
    • Closed length: 4.74in / 120.40mm
    • Weight: 4.57oz / 129.6g

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  • Innovative Features

  • D2 Steel

    The Krait features a high carbon, high chromium D2 steel, the strongest steel of any First Tactical knives.

    Blade Grind

    The complex convex curve allows users to keep objects being cut centered on the blade.

    Thumb Bridge Technology™

    Specialized Thumb Bridge Technology™ provides the gloved or ungloved hand ease of opening in all conditions with added steadiness and skillful control of your blade. While open, the Thumb Bridge™ and blade choils allow you to choke up on the knife for fine cutting and knife work.

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5 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
David from Northern CA on Aug 15, 2017
So what kind of knife does a relatively inexpensive $60 buy you from First Tactical? How about a very high quality D2 steel blade, G10 scales that feel slim but confident in the hand, the incredible First Tactical Thumb Bridge that replaced traditional gimping for exceptional grip and confidence, an excellent pocket clip, a terrific forward choil that makes choking up on the blade for detail work extremely effective, a very reassuring snap when you flick and lock the blade open, steel liner locks that hold the blade very secure, a hole at the end of the handle to attach paracord, really nice construction and… It arrived extremely sharp out of the box. What's not to like? It's a terrific piece of kit and an incredible buy for the asking price.

About the only concerns I could find - and they are minor at most - was that in the beginning the blade exhibited a bit more friction than expected when deploying and it could be a bit cumbersome to activate the liner lock to close. After a few weeks of daily use, however, the deployment of the blade has smoothed out quite nicely and closing is now essentially second nature. The only other concern is that while the recurve portion of the blade is very effective at cutting ropes, zip-ties, paracord, cardboard, etc, it can be a bit tricky to keep sharp compared to a standard-style blade. One hint: do a search online for sharpening a recurve with a coffee mug. You'll be glad you did and you'll find that keeping your Krait sharp will be a snap. One note: The spear-point on the Krait is extremely sharp. Great for puncturing through objects, cutting at the tip, etc., but you'll need to be mindful of this when you open and use it as that spear point is unforgiving. This is not a negative. Just a point worth mentioning.

Ok... so what's the bottom line? I've had the Krait for several months now and it has moved itself up to the top-tier of my knife collection and shares go-to status with some knives that are literally hundreds of dollars more expensive. The Krait is a serious tool and it is an absolute no-brainer must-get for the price. Well done First Tactical!
Bill from Michigan on Aug 11, 2017
Outstanding tactical knife, light weight with D2 steel that can be sharpened like a razor. Pocket clip is reversible (great for lefties) comes with tool and extra screws. Highly recommend.
Brian from Altanta, Ga on Apr 11, 2017
Whats not to love about this $60 knife!!!!! I mean, D2 steel, G-10 scales, coyote color!!!! I love this knife! It feels great in the hand, the thumb pad is amazing, the audible "click" when blade is deployed is GREAT!!!! I will buy more blades from First Tactical, oh and shipping was super fast!!
Brian from Atlanta, Ga on Apr 11, 2017
LOVE THIS KNIFE!!!! I mean for $60 this is a great knife! The "hand feel" is great, the scales, the thumb pad are amazing!!!! I will buy one of each of your knives now!!!!