Medium Penlight

Style: 141001

Price: $24.99

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Medium Penlight

Style: 141001

Price: $24.99

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Precision And Power In One

  • Product Details

  • This mid-sized penlight clips easily to your pocket or cap for quick, bright light that is always ready.

  • Specifications

    • Includes batteries (2) AAA
    • Lumen High 101
    • Run Time High (h) 3.25
    • Aerospace grade anodized aluminum
    • Length: 5.3in / 136mm
    • Body diameter: 0.75in / 19mm
    • Bezel diameter: 0.75in / 19mm
    • Product weight: 1.9oz / 55g
    • Product weight w/ batteries: 2.7oz / 78g

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  • Innovative Features

  • Large and Reversible Pocket Clip

    Ultimate versatility with forward and reverse mounting options. Attach penlight securely with oversized clip depth and width.

    Adjustable Bungee Finger Loop

    Elastic finger loop allows user to transition flashlight from palm to back of hand, keeping it on body, and eliminating the need to pocket and unpocket constantly.

    Lighting The Scene

    High beam distance is 130m, low beam distance 31m. 14in hotspot with a smooth transition and a 70in flood area.

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4.7 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
David from NC on Nov 05, 2017
I bought this light a few months ago. works great, good clip. I carry it most of the time. Today it went in the washing machine by mistake, I heard something clunking in the dryer, there it was and still works.
Tyler8472 from Fort Collins, CO on Aug 11, 2017
I have had this penlight for about a month now, and it is worth the price. It is sturdy in construction, weather resistant, and decently bright for for being powered by two AAA batteries. My favorite feature is the pocket clip. I wear a variety of flashlights on my belt, from smell surefire handlights, to larger streamlight duty lights, but neither is very convenient for illuminating documents or my notepad. The medium penlight fits in my pants pen pocket great, and the finger loop makes it easy to find and pull, even with gloves. The design of the clip makes it easy to attach to my uniform shoulder or mic loops with one hand, for the perfect angle to light up my clipboard. I also found out that the medium penlight is the perfect size for doing bag searches or poking in tight spaces, and is bright enough to light up the bottom of a purse, without being so bright that it washes out anything. My one complaint would be that the button is easy to accidentally depress, as I found out when I started my tour the next morning and the battery was dead. My solution is to do a gear check every night when I get off, make sure all my flashlights are off, radio plugged in and off, etc. No problems since.

NOTE: This penlight is not designed to replace any of your duty flashlights. It is bright enough to illuminate the ground immediately in front of you, but not by much. Great brightness for bag and vehicle searches though.
Kenny from Modesto on Jun 12, 2017
Great pen light and the perfect size to tuck away in my pocket. It has been two months now and the light still shines brightly with the same batteries that were sent with it.

The overall design is great with many lug grips and the intermittent "on" button is perfect to quick illuminate. It has minor scuffs now from use but that is only from metal on metal external contact. The finger loop is great, but the bungee material is starting to fray due to movement in the metal clip.
- I'm not sure if it is a manufacture or picture error but on my flashlight there is no hole on the elbow of the pocket clip as seen in the picture.

Overall I'd say this light is perfect size for EDC, Duty Use, and every type of job.