Medium Penlight

Style: 141001

Price: $24.99

Competitor Price: $26.99


Medium Penlight

Style: 141001

Price: $24.99

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Precision And Power In One

  • Product Details

  • This mid-sized penlight clips easily to your pocket or cap for quick, bright light that is always ready.

  • Specifications

    • Includes batteries (2) AAA
    • Lumen High 101
    • Run Time High (h) 3.25
    • Aerospace grade anodized aluminum
    • Length: 5.3in / 136mm
    • Body diameter: 0.75in / 19mm
    • Bezel diameter: 0.75in / 19mm
    • Product weight: 1.9oz / 55g
    • Product weight w/ batteries: 2.7oz / 78g
  • Innovative Features

  • Large and Reversible Pocket Clip

    Ultimate versatility with forward and reverse mounting options. Attach penlight securely with oversized clip depth and width.

    Adjustable Bungee Finger Loop

    Elastic finger loop allows user to transition flashlight from palm to back of hand, keeping it on body, and eliminating the need to pocket and unpocket constantly.

    Lighting The Scene

    High beam distance is 130m, low beam distance 31m. 14in hotspot with a smooth transition and a 70in flood area.

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5 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
Richard Blake from California on Feb 01, 2017
I received my First Tactical Penlight as a gift from a family friend. I keep it in my backpack as I do singificant travel and always wanted to be prepared. The size and weight was perfect and the sturdy quality of the penlight makes it very durable for travel purposes. While on a late night flight from Washington DC, I noticed a flight attendant digging in her bag for something, I heard her ask a co-worker if she had a flashlight. I offered her my Penlight. Because it was a late night flight the plane was dark and she used my penlight to walk around to check on passengers, to complete her duties and used it to light the aisle for a passenger who needed to use the lavatory. At the end of the flight she came back and used her cell phone to take a photograph of my penlight so that she could purchase her own, in addition to the penlight she also handed me a goodie bag, with a bottle of wine and snacks, a thanks for using my penlight. She complimented the brightness of the penlight and how lightweight and easy it was to hold and the clip allowed her to keep it secure in her pocket. I agree, the perfect penlight , small enough for travel, but bright enough for even the biggest job on a Boeing 777 aircraft. Highly recommend this product.
Edward Eugene Williams from Virginia on Oct 26, 2016
Got this, the full size light and the diamondback knife almost a year ago and just the the other two items this has yet to let me down. I am so impressed with the quality of the item for the value they are selling it for. Its field proven gear that has not let me down in the slightest. Thanks to the team at first tactical for quality tools.
Stew from Fort Carson, CO on Jul 16, 2016
I keep this light tucked into a few MOLLE straps on my bag and it's sized about perfectly for that. I often forget it's there so it has taken several slams when the bag is thrown and still functions flawlessly. The reversible clip so it can be attached to the brim of a hat or patrol cap is a really convenient feature.
Rick Sames from PA on Jun 24, 2016
Received this flashlight several weeks back and have been carrying it almost everyday. Very well built and provides plenty of light. Really like the lugs on the side that help you retain a positive grip on it at all times. Great little flashlight.

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