Men’s 8” Side Zip Duty Boot

Style: 165000

Price: $79.99

Competitor Price: $99.99


Men’s 8” Side Zip Duty Boot

Style: 165000

Price: $79.99

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Made For Excellence

  • Product Details

  • The Side Zip Duty Boot is the tactical boot you can trust to perform with excellence. Constructed to protect and support your foot, and built tough enough to withstand even the greatest demands of your job. With full grain leather at the toe for maximum shine and durability, a premium YKK side zipper, and 8” shaft for optimal support, you will have a boot that works as hard as you do.

  • Specifications

    • 45% full grain leather, 20% PU covered leather, 35% synthetic
    • YKK side zipper
    • 8 inch height

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  • Innovative Features

  • Full Grain Leather Toe

    Polishable top quality leather provides durability and performance for the toughest toe possible.

    Stitched Rubber Outsole

    Rubber for strong grip is stitched to the boot upper for long-lasting durability.

    Heel Strike Window

    With boots that are designed like running shoes, the heel strike window gives the user more cushioning while reducing impact on the feet and body while in motion.

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4.4 out of 5, based on 8 reviews
James Fairfield from Florida on Jul 10, 2017
I took a shot on these for a backup pair as they are more "formal" than the full sneaker type and less than half the heavy Danner's I typically wear. They are as well built as one could expect,perhaps more so, at this price point. The toes did take and hold a shine and the little features like the full run zipper, the slight kick off ridge on the back of the heal, the lay flat pull on tab, and the knife pocket (I also got the cool little knife from First Tactical) are all well thought out designs and work well.
As far as comfort goes I am not overly impressed. I pulled the insoles on the second day in the hopes to enhance comfort, even with thicker insoles the toe box is a bit sloppy fitting. Not horrible, but wider than my normal. They actually feel better standing than driving. I am road Commander, so I am driving more than standing.
The leather on my non-gas peddle foot broke/ bent oddly after a few tours and starting wearing a blister in my left foot so that reveals the price point reality of these boots. Durable, comfortable, inexpensive - you only get to pick two at this price. These seem to be the durable and inexpensive selection.
I've had them on now for 48 hours a week for going into my second month and the irritation on the top of the left foot issue is fading and there are no real signs of tread or leather wear. There is some fraying of the the inner liner around the ankle and some light creasing on the outside edge of the left boot leather. Features wise, you would be hard beat to find a better boot, if you are more comfort oriented (Size 13 anyway) this is probably not the answer.
Lee Halpin from Colorado on May 11, 2017
I've worn these for 80 hours (4 10's)after a gentle weekend breaking. I like the fact the zipper goes to the bottom of the soul, the threads work well in a dark & rainy perimeter check, the insole does give greater protection than many of the other boots I've tried, and the height supports the ankles well. Customer service was first rate, quick to contact and work with me regarding a promotion with the boots. The only minor complaint is the end of the supplied laces are already beginning to brake. The scorpion knife is quite elegant for it's intended purpose and I'm pleased with it. 18 years in LE, these boots rate high on comfort and cost.
Doug from Nevada on Mar 25, 2017
Have had these boots for a little over a week and have been wearing them every day. The ankle support is great ( important since I'm coming back to duty from a broken ankle ), and they are quiet. Third day I had a rubbing issue on the left ankle, but I think that was due to the my socks. Would like to see metal eyelets on the lower lace eye holes. Otherwise a great boot and will buy again.
J.pierce from Midland tx on Feb 27, 2017
I have had this boots for little over a month now . They are comfortable as heck. I broke them in a day. Any other pair a boots my feet are hurting after a 16 hour shift. The one thing is that I order my size in like any other pair of boots that I have bought in the pass. I have noticed that my feet moves around in them. Don't know if sizing is different. But I still wear them. Overall this are a great boots
Bryan from South Daytona on Nov 23, 2016
I have had these boots for about 2 months now. They break-in easy and are very comfortable. The zipper is a good quality thankfully since that seems to be the weakest point on zipper boots. I work next to the Intracoastal Waterway and these boots never flinched. They even survived Hurricane Matthew. I am very pleased with them and will be buying them again. I work street patrol and nothing beats a good pair of boots.
Chris from Georgia on Aug 06, 2016
For the money, these are good boots. A little stiff at first but only takes a little while to loosen up and be very comfortable. Easy to shine and holds a shine well. I have tried Magnum, Danner, 511, and Rocky. These are well worth the money.
Sean from Northern California on Apr 18, 2016
Great boot

Construction, Finish and fit are above standard for what I would expect from a boot of this type at this price. I have paid more for less several times in the past. The boot feels light on my feet but offers plenty of support and traction. I have used these for several months now on patrol and with SWAT. There was almost no break in period and they were very comfortable right out of the box. Its the little things make this boot stand out from similar boots from other companies- The lace stash pocket built into the tong of the boot for the laces to hide in- amazing. The little lip on the heal to assist in getting them off- great. The stash pockets on the side- good for a small knife of extra set of rubber gloves. The rubber on the toe of the boot is stitched to keep it form pealing off- unlike my last boots.

This was my first (of may purchases to come) from First Tactical.

Great product. keep up the good work
Jim the EMT from Vergennes, Vt. on Feb 01, 2016
these boots are a handsome boot built rugged and have a lot of support. very comfortable and like they said, its a little wider than normal. this is a good thing for many reasons. they also have two pockets on each boot for holding a knife, money, etc.
they also come with free shipping and return.
these are the boots. get a pair. like I've said about their other products, its quality.

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