Men's Tactix EMS Pants

Style: 114004

Regular Price: $69.99

Sale Price: $18.00

Midnight Navy
Midnight Navy

Men's Tactix EMS Pants

Style: 114004

Price: $69.99

Sale Price: $18.00

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Up To Any Task

  • Product Details

  • First Tactical’s EMS pants are sturdy, durable, and made to help you stay on the move while on the job. Our Advanced Fit and 2-way stretch fabric ensure you will be able to move quickly and uninhibited, while reinforced belt loops and specialized cargo pockets guarantee your ability to carry out your work with ease and efficiency.

  • Specifications

    • Modern fit with EMS pant styling
    • 52% polyester, 48% cotton blend
    • 7 oz 2-way mechanical stretch, double ripstop fabric
    • Advanced fit with traditional BDU styling
    • Teflon® stain repellent finish
    • YKK® zippers
    • Prym® snaps
    • Triple needle stitching at critical seams
  • Innovative Features

  • Flex Action Waist

    Thoroughly tested in the field to meet the mobility requirements of top rated tactical pants, our unique sliding waistband allows extended motion and comfort during activity, with an extended gusset that runs through the crotch and inside leg for non-binding flexibility.

    Fortified Belt Loops

    Three reinforced belt loops, located on sides and center back, stay strong under demanding loads of tactical or law enforcement gear. Durable webbing inserts, triple topstitching, and bartacks at key stress points eliminate concerns of ripping under force, while maximizing strength and security.

    Enhanced Functional Pockets

    Durable nylon reinforcement inside hand slash pockets allows safe, durable stowing of a knife, scissors, and other tools. Convenient calf pockets for gloves or other essentials, and large cargo pockets accommodate scissors, flashlight, and two pens.

  • Care Instructions

    • Turn garment inside before laundering
    • Machine wash cold with like colors
    • Line dry
    • Do not bleach
    • Do not use fabric softener
    • Tumble dry low
    • Warm iron if needed
    • Do not dry clean

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4.2 out of 5, based on 10 reviews
tgiv from TX on Mar 17, 2018
An experiment option to the superior Tactical style
turned out a success in yet another HD Tactix brand pants
you do lose the rear baton? slim, deep pockets back of hips
but gain unique zippered 2nd cargo pockets top of others flanking waist
easy in-out vest wallets & of course EMS tools.

Guessing that all the EMS styles also have this trade off, no baton but extra zipper pocket?

Would love to see a graphic chart depicting all the pocket options, assigned to the various brands & their styles ASAP ... also think it would boost sales & mitigate many returns w/such shipping costs.
Marvin from Oklahoma on Nov 23, 2017
The pair that I got were longer than I ordered. Other than that I like them.
Pat from CT on Oct 22, 2017
Great overall EMS pant. I was looking for a pair of pants with the lower ankle pocket but without four trauma shear loops as I don't know anyone who carries more than one pair. The hidden zipper pockets are a great addition as well. They fit great and the liquid repellent treatment is nice to have. The one downside keeping me from buying more pairs or recommending them to my company for standard issue is the fact that they rapidly fade and I have not found a way to correct this. I find myself now not wearing them even though I prefer the fit because my other band EMS pants appear more professional and clean.
Jason from IL on Oct 08, 2017
I don't normally review products, but given the cost of these I decided to save others the trouble. I have to say that I am totally disappointed in these. I originally bought 2 pair, with in 2 weeks the Velcro holding my shears in place wore out and would no longer hold. I contacted First Tactical and thy promptly replaced both pairs, I was impressed with their fast response and willingness to take care of the issue. I received the replacements and again with in a few wears and washes the Velcro wore out. This time I also noticed that the color faded faster, and that there were other seams and stitches coming apart. They have since been moved to the "backup" line and have been replaced with 5.11s. I will say as far as the fit itself goes I do find them to be comfortable, not quite as loose as 5.11 which can sometimes be too baggy. They fit true to size, a 34 is definitely a 34 etc. If they get the Velcro issue fixed I'd consider going back to them. In the meantime I'll stay with my 5.11s
McKayen Johnson from AZ on Apr 12, 2017
I was looking for a comfortable and practical pair of EMS pants. These fit the criteria, do not let the price scare you, that is the going rate these days and I would choose the FT Tactix pants over any brand any day. I was overwhelmed by the amount of space for cargo in these pants. Sitting down they conform to you and don't pull on your knees as some pants do. They stretch which is great when you're on the go all the time. I have only been able to wear the pants for the past couple of weeks but I am impressed. Personally, I haven't found one flaw with first tactical gear and I will be returning for all of my uniform and personal needs. I suggest for uniform needs and not practical wear, buy the tactix and not the specialist ems pants.
scott force from cedar grove tennessee on Dec 16, 2016
Incredible pants and company, I have been in the ambulance/fire service for many years and cant think of a brand I haven't tried over the years. Just to let you know how far this company will go, I recently had a problem with the velcro on my scissor pockets, I knew the velcro wasn't great but didn't figure it a major prob. We ended up on a pretty bad, Make them naked call for those of you in the business, and had zero scissors. Ironically I had one of their knives, that may I add will sharpen and hold a razor sharp edge, and this sufficed for the moment. I asked that the company simply make changes to improve the fastening on scissor pocket and shortly after I received a e-mail stating they had replaced the velcro and will send me 2 new pair. Incredible service, I am truly impressed.
Mike B from CA on Jul 01, 2016
You have to try these with the knee pads! Makes the shift so much better. Loved the pocket placement. Wish there was just a bit more room in the thigh (although I have pretty big thighs). Definitely going to be back!
Jim the EMT from Vergennes, Vt. on Jan 06, 2016
Great pants. Bottom glove pocket is low but its right there when your kneeling down. The zipped pocket could of been flapped to keep snow and rain out but I haven't had that problem yet. Waist was a bit big but I have room for extra shirt to tuck in on these cold days. These pants look, feel, and wear great.
I am very satisfied with these and will buy more.
Strattamatter from Denver, Co on Dec 14, 2015
Still trying to appreciate the "direct to customer" dollar savings. These pants are made in China and are equal quality to several other brands, most notably 5.11. With only a 5 dollar savings over 5.11 EMS pants and quite a bit more than many other brands, I fail to see sales pitch.
On a positive note, these are indeed quality pants and are designed well. I praise the location of the cargo pockets being a little higher than most, preventing your gear from articulating on your knee. The back pockets are not so deep that you loose whatever you put in there.
Some fit notes: I wear a 36" waist with nearly every brand. This particular pant is HUGE on me in a 36". It's got at least an extra 2" in the waist. I'll need to send these back for a 34".
Otherwise, the fit is great - providing lots of comfort while kneeling and moving.
Overall I think this is a great product. I would definitely purchase these again when on sale.
JJ from Southern Wyoming on Nov 07, 2015
I've had these pants for a very short time, and already, I'm in love with them. The waist band is probably the most comfortable I've worn with any pant. It's soft and breathable, but it keeps my uniform shirt tucked in and doesn't bunch up or pinch.
The fabric is just awesome. It's thicker then 5.11's "flex tac" fabric, but still forms to my body and moves with me. The fabric also is thick enough for cold weather. But breathable enough for hot weather and periods of high activity. It also repeals blood, puke, dirt, saline, and all kinds of other fluids with ease, and is super easy to clean on the fly.
At first I thought the pants were way too long for me, but I ran them through the wash and now they size up just fine.
I'm a little displeased with the cargo pockets. There are no internal organizers on the inside, so my stuff just kind of floats around. Other then that. I love the hidden zipper feature behind the regular pocket. It goes just as deep as the regular pocket, and I use it for holding paperwork, spare med gear that I might need on scene, and makes a nifty trash pocket that is separate from my gear. Also, the pockets are high enough on my leg were a don't have to bend over too much to get my stuff, and the contents of my pockets don't ride on my knee like the 5.11's do.
I also got the knee pads you can get from this site, and wear them whenever I'm on duty. What a great investment that was! The pads actually work be because they're formed the the knees natural curves, and they're full of ventilation holes, so I never get overheated. The pads are very durable, and I've never had to worry about getting sore or tired if I have to work on my knees.
The organizer on the cargo pockets is pretty great too. The shear pockets are later out so you can get to them quickly and easily, whether standing, sitting, or crouched. And they're big enough to securely hold the Leatherman Raptor fully deployed (5.11's can't do that). The second pocket is pleanty big enough to hold a small the medium size pocket knife, and the pon pockets are prefect for holding plety of pens, sharpies, or syringes and carpijects.
The calf pockets are a little to los for my liking, but hold plenty of gloves,and I also keep spare iv tourniquets and alcohol wipes in the other.
All in all, these ants are by far the best ems pants I've used. Sure some things aren't perfect, but one you use them, you'll never want to have any other pant.