Range Belt 1.75”

Style: 143002

Regular Price: $24.99

Sale Price: $18.74

OD Green
OD Green

Range Belt 1.75”

Style: 143002

Price: $24.99

Sale Price: $18.74

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Rugged and Refined

  • Product Details

  • Pre-curved for ergonomic fit, and composed of double layer reinforced nylon webbing with HD nylon buckle, the Range Belt 1.75” encompasses the best in appearance and utility.

  • Specifications

    • HD polymer double bar buckle, strong and non-metallic
    • 1.75 inch wide 2-layer HD webbing
  • Innovative Features

  • High Density Polymer Buckle

    Our double bar, high density polymer buckle is built for lower profile, a professional look, and an airport friendly wear.

    Double Duty Curved Webbing

    Two layers of smooth, high density webbing bonded with five rows of stitching for ease in carrying, plus an integrated curved profile provides reliable strength and ergonomic sophistication.

    Hidden Compartment

    Small inner pocket is the ideal place to store money, a cuff key, or other compact gear.

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5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
Mr. G from Indonesia on Nov 03, 2017
Got one of these on a whim since the 5.11 Trainer belt and a cheap cobra style belt I had kept airport security everywhere messing around with my crotch due to their metal buckles. My first impression is that it is a very lightweight belt - partly due to the nylon buckle - almost like an ordinary belt compared to the 5.11 I got, but further inspection reveals that it is reinforced with extra stitching and an extra layer of webbing almost through the whole length of the belt, except the slack/lip of course. So no problem using the belt to carry multi-tool/flashlight pouches/outdoor knife sheaths etc. The stiffness also works well for not-so-in-shape people (i.e. me) to avoid plumber's crack incidents. First timers will probably find the buckle/belt looping/adjustment design a bit confusing, but it works great once you figure it out.