Tactical Belt 1.5”
Tactical Belt 1.5”
Tactical Belt 1.5”
Coyote belt
Coyote flat
Tactical Belt 1.5”
Tactical Belt 1.5”
Tactical Belt 1.5”
Black belt
Black flat
Tactical Belt 1.5”
Tactical Belt 1.5”
Tactical Belt 1.5”
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Tactical Belt 1.5”

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Ultra Durable, Ultra Comfortable

The Tactical Belt will stand up to the rigors of daily professional use while maintaining the comfort needed while on the job. The aluminum / steel buckle is fabricated and riveted for unmatched durability and strength. Strength rated at 9 kN (2023 lbf) direct or 18kN (4046 lbf) indirect units of force, you won't find a more reliable or durable duty belt.
  • Aluminum / Steel buckle that is fabricated and riveted
  • 1.5 inch wide 2-layer HD webbing
The Tactical belt features a

Innovative Buckle Construction

Pre-Curved Nylon Webbing

Sturdy, high density webbing is strong, designed with a twill weave edge for smoother belt loop feeding, and ergonomically curved to follow the natural waist.
The belt's internal sidebar is under cut with


Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Richard B.
Great Belt!!

I’ve worn tac and trainers belts since 2003. This one provides more support and stability than brands priced higher. It’s great quality and I highly recommend.

Sean M.
Best belt made

Great strength, never sags and holds up to lots of training. First Tactical makes amazing products. I only wear there pants and shirts as a SRO, and when I am not working I use this belt for everything else.

George M.

Tactical Belt 1.5”

Great Belt, Good Value, Perfect Sizing for me...

I own several tactical belts. Some are military issue, others are 5.11, Wilderness, and Amazon specials. While I love my Wilderness belts for there customization and heavy duty abilities, I hate the price and wait times. I took a chance on one of these First Tactical belts a few weeks ago and it's been my go-to belt since I've received it. Great value, great strength, perfect sizing, good buckle, and it doesn't fold/bend with the weight of holsters, mags, radios, etc..I received it very quick, which is also a plus, and it's easy on the wallet. I will be looking to get a 1.75" belt very soon. The only complaint I have, is there is some fraying near the non-buckle end of the belt near the velcro, but it seems to be a visual issue, not a internal strength or stitching issue. Nothing a lighter can't fix. Other than that, this belt is good to go!

Chris D.
Love First Tactical

Great quality stuff - I’ve loved everything I’ve ordered. I discovered FT from my training at Front Sight ... all of their instructor uniforms are FT, and I trust Front Sight would choose the best quality for their teams

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