Front of 9 X 6 Velcro Pouch in Asphalt
Back of 9 X 6 Velcro Pouch in Asphalt
Side of 9 X 6 Velcro Pouch in Asphalt
Zipper Ties for 9 X 6 Velcro Pouch in Asphalt

9 X 6 Internal Organizer Pouch

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9x6 Tactical Storage
First Tactical Velcro Pouches are tough, durable, and perfect for storing smaller gear. The 9x6 Pouch fits a wide variety of tools, or medical equipment. A clear face allows users to easily see the contents and scan items with barcodes without removing the items. A Quick Pull zipper allows a one-handed opening in emergency situations.
  • Size: 9” x 6” x 2”
  • 6” x 1” Name Tape Area
  • 5 Different Color Zipper Pull Colors
  • Quick Pull Access
All First Tactical Velcro Pouches feature a clear face with micro mesh allowing users to see through it. The face also allows items with barcodes to be scanned without having to remove the item.

Micro Mesh Face

Light Interior

This light colored interior makes finding gear or equipment easy even in low-light situations.
The Quick Pull zippers allow for users to open the pouch with one hand in emergency situations.

Single Hand Opening

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
John L.
For my Vehicle's Glovebox

Every time I opened the glovebox in my vehicle something fell out onto the floor. Between the vehicle documents, a few small tools and all the power cords for the gizmos you need to charge it was a mess. These pouches help me separate all these items. These items are now easier to find because I can view what's inside each pouch. I think I'm going to buy a few for my wife's car.

Joel S.
Well made bag that's replacing a Ziploc

I use it for my radio gear to hold connectors & antenna wire. I like the clear window & Velcro strip to add a label.

These are great little pouches!!! He

I am extremely happy with these velcro pouches. Honestly nobody else makes pouches like these. I was looking for a while. I use these pouches in various packs/rucks to keep things organized. I have a couple packs that have velcro loop lining, so I can stick these pouches onto the inside of the pack and arrange them as needed to keep everything organized and handy. I love that these come in different sizes so I can mix and match to fit in my pack and I really like the velcro name tape too. I made a few loop-backed name tapes for the various bags (tools, power, food, clothes, Xtras, etc) so looking into the bag I can very quickly see which pouch is which.

I’m very happy with these and will be buying more.

In the picture you can see how I use them inside my Agilite AMAP III backpack as my get home bag. The backpack is lined with loop, so the pouches stick in there perfectly.

Lee N.
Great product

Works great and stays put.

John G.
Excellent EMS Pouches and kits

The EMS pouches and kits (Airway, IV, Meds, Trauma, O2 cylinder) from First Tatical are the best EMS kits (modules) I’ve ever used (and I’ve tried all the major EMS bag manufacturer’s modules or kits). They can fit the most equipment in the smallest space. I love the way the Airway, Meds, IV and trauma kits open like a book (genius design)! You don’t necessarily need to use the kits with the First Tactical EMS ALS or BLS jump boxes. They fit well in just about any manufacture’s EMS bags. And the prices of the pouches and kits are are so reasonable (much less than any competitor). Especially if you’re an ALS provider, do yourself a favor and purchase the Airway, Trauma, IV and med kits and if you need more storage space, purchase some of the various sized pouches!!!

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