Front of Airway Kit in Blue
Open Top of Airway Kit in Blue
Open Top of Airway Kit in Blue
Side of Airway Kit in Blue
Side of Airway Kit in Blue
Open Airway Kit in Blue
Open Side of Airway Kit in Blue
Open Top of Airway Kit in Blue
Loaded Top of Airway Kit in Blue

Airway Kit

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Air On The Way
The Airway Kit features individual mesh pouches that provide ample space for your 5 Miller and 5 Mac Blades. The book style pouch allows this kit to have a place in your bag rather than being thrown in a corner and the innovative designs provides a new way of holding the 2 forceps. A bright blue color and DotTac Name Tape compatibility allows the kit to be easily located or described.
  • Size: 9” x 11.5” x 3”
  • 6” x 1” Name Tape Area
  • Oversized Zipper Pulls
  • Top Handle / Side
  • Reflective Logo
  • Zipper Closure
  • Surgical contents not included*
The Airway Kit features individual mesh pouches that provide optimum space for 5 Miller & Mac Blades

Advanced Pouch Placement

Book Style Pouch

Traditional airway kits are designed as rolls and tend to be bulky, forcing operators to jam them in a corner of their bag. Our Airway Kit features a book style opening making it compact and effective; giving it a place in the bag that isn't an afterthought.
The Airway Kit is blue in color allowing operators to find their kit or describe it to others easily. A DotTac Name Tape section allows for further customization.

Easily Identified

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mark V.

Airway Kit

Margaret K.
Love it

Love the jump bag with the trauma, airway and IV kits.

Michael W.

Awesome airway bag, waiting to receive our other three...

Rob P.

First tactical has taken amazing care of our company

john c.
Almost the perfect bag/pouch

This is almost the perfect bag. The quality of construction is great. It feels durable, with no thin nylon and the padding is great. The organization setup is nice with the zipper pouches, a place for the Magils and the layout of the blade slots. There is a place for everything. The main design flaw is that the bag should be 1-2 inches longer/taller. Here is my reasoning. One, the two rows of pockets for the laryngoscope blades leaves barely enough room to contain the blades. The elastic Velcro closures do not contain the blades either. They end up sliding off the top of the blades. Even if the blades could be contained, the entire bag is barely long enough to hold them in. The side wall had to be pulled flat to fit them. Second, the full array of ETT's are to tall to fit. To get them to fit, I had to curl them which does not allow easy access to see the sizes of the ETT's. I was able to get the zipper closed but it was not that easy. We carry 2.5-8.5 ETT's and these had to be forced in so that the zipper could be closed. I assume that the size of the pouch was made the way it is in order to fit into the larger jump bag. Lastly, with all of the ETT's crammed into the bag, it was a tight fit when closing the zipper. This always leads to torn and busted zippers in the future. We carry the normal amount of advanced airway equipment and nothing more, it was just a little small. This is unfortunate because I really like this bag otherwise.

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