Scorpion Knife Tanto

Style: 140000

Price: $39.99

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Scorpion Knife Tanto

Style: 140000

Price: $39.99

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Lightweight and Reliable

  • Product Details

  • The Scorpion Knife Tanto is the ideal backup knife or boot knife and a perfect addition to your everyday carry needs. The knife is small and lightweight and features Level I or II locking options. The locking mechanism is easy to remove for cleaning allowing your blade to withstand nightly field use.

  • Specifications

    • Blade: 440A steel
    • Blade Type: Modified tanto
    • Sheath: FRN
    • Overall length: 4.92in / 125mm
    • Blade thickness: 1.22in / 31mm
    • Weight (with sheath): 2.6oz
    • Weight (without sheath): 1.6oz

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  • Innovative Features

  • Level I / Level II Lock

    Whether you need a Level I tension fit sheath or a Level II sheath with a locking mechanism, the Scorpion Knife Tanto will stay in place until deployment is needed.

    Index Finger Pull Locator

    The index finger locator is strategically placed and easily found allowing users to quickly deploy the knife when in need.


    The Scorpion Knife has lightening cuts throughout for maximum weight savings preventing it from bouncing around when on the move.

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5 out of 5, based on 5 reviews
Jody Taylor from NC on Jan 14, 2019
This is a great little knife and holster. I needed it to go on my duty belt, so I had to widen the clip a little. This is a perfect tool for use in a situation where an officer may have to defend themselves in the case of someone trying to get their handgun or other weapons/tools on their duty belt. As a 20 year plus Officer Survival Instructor, I have taught officers for years to carry a knife on the opposite side of their handgun for this very purpose, now the "Scorpion" makes it easier and always with you because its on your belt. It is also a great boot knife if your boots have a place for it. with a velcro, it can be put just about anywhere.
I highly recommend getting one and practice with it no matter where you put it.
Great job Cory and company!
David Henry from Alabama on Apr 03, 2017
Mine came in today. Exactly what I hoped for in a weak side carry blade.

Swapped the clip to the other side ready to go. Came with an extra set of hardware and screwdriver too.

Good value for the $.
John from Iowa on Mar 30, 2017
The knife is very compact and easy to hold. It fits into my First Tactical boots. One thing that I was concerned at first was that was fairly hard to get out of the holster but after awhile of tinkering with it it broke in. The knife does come dull so you would need to sharpen it. The only thing that I would change about this knife is the holster. It would be a lot better in my opinion if it was easier to open and pull out. Overall nice compact knife with little flaws.
michael from Maryland on Mar 25, 2017
I needed a new pair of boots. I got this knife with my boots. I like the fact it tucks into my boot and it can be used with either boot as the clip can be reversed using the supplied wrench. It is lightweight but feels sturdy in ones hands. This is an awesome back up knife or emergency survival knife. One does not need to use it with the First Tactical boots (I really like my new boots) as one can slip this onto your belt. It also has extra bolts for mounting. The knife is very sharp, Easy to handle, Locks into the sheath, overall 5 star! Oh did I say it fits into the boot pocket? Yes, get both, you cant beat the package.
McKayen Johnson from SE, Arizona on Mar 04, 2017
This knife is more than worthy for your everyday needs. I love that it fits in the side pockets of the boot of first tactical. One thing you should know about the knife, is that the clip is interchangeable for both sides. To the knife itself, it is sharpened well on the straight edge. The bevel is slightly duller. I did the "arm hair test" where you can just slide the knife down your arm and see if it'll cut your arm hair. I can confidently say that it worked. It is exceptionally sharp on the straight edge, but the bevel could use some work. That may differ with another knife. I gave it 5 stars because I can sharpen it myself when needed. I am blown away with the quality of all First Tactical products. I hope this review helped you make a decision. You cannot go wrong. I am hoping to get my hands on the other knifes FT has to offer.